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Animal Clinic of Chardon Vet Dog Cat Kitten Puppy


  • Our reception area is unique in that it offers two separate entrances. We strive to maintain a level of comfort for our patients during every part of their visit.  Our reception area is divided to provide a safe and comfortable setting for our feline patients as well as a stress free environment for our canine patients.  


  • Don't worry if you're coming in with both dog and cat you don't have to enter on both sides. We ask if your cat lives in a home with dogs and you bring both to an appointment that you enter in the dog side entrance. 


  • Our friendly client service representatives are thrilled to offer a number of amenities from coffee or tea for our two legged guests to toys and treats for our 4 legged guests.  


  • We encourage you to ask for a tour of our facilities on your next visit if you have not done so already.  We would be thrilled to show you around.